Workshops @ cedic '15
Worskshops (Workshop language is English!)
Creating (Hybrid) Deepsky Imagery using Professional Image Data Sources and how to combine them with Amateur Imagery
Have you ever wondered how the famous Hubble Images are made, or what it takes to create such beautiful, deep views on your own? Andre's workshop shows how to make your own images using public professional data sets like the Digitized Sky Survey, the Hubble Legacy Archive and the MAST portal. We will start with a general overview of what professional data has to offer, looking at the advantages and disadvantages of the different data sources. Following this we will learn how to mine the datasets, how the data is organized and how to choose objects of interest with appropriate data sets available. The right set of tools for data registration, reduction and preparation will also be an important topic to discuss, as well as strategies and techniques on image assembling. When we have our data sets ready, we will move our focus on combining the images as well as the processing workflow itself. We will learn how to create so called hybrid images, unique constructions assembled from various sources like Hubble or large ground based scopes, or even amateur data!! Besides this Andre's workshop will also offer a lot of processing tips like color calibratrion, noise reduction and star handling.
Speaker: André van der Hoeven
ASCOM Scripting
This workshop is thought for amateur astronomers who also like to fiddle with bits and bytes in order to have their equipment working for them. Basic knowledge of computer programming is mandatory for this workshop!
Recommended to come with a laptop with any Windows OS configured (virtual machines are fine). Please install the ASCOM platform and the program language AutoIT. In any case Nicola will bring a copy of the needed SW at the workshop, if you want to install it on the fly.
Speaker: Nicola Montecchiari
Experiences and stories in astronomical landscape imaging
Tamás Ladányi will teach the basics of astronomical landscape imaging also known as "TWAN-style" imaging:
 - How to prepare for astrophotography?
 - The connection between photography in the nature and digital image processing.
 - The ethics of digital image processing.
 - Applying some classical composition rules in astrophotography.
 - Time-lapse project accompained by folk melodies.
Speaker: Tamás Ladányi
PixInsight: advanced color calibration and narrowband techniques
In this workshop Vicent Peris will present two different techniques. The first one is a color calibration technique that mixes observational and image processing techniques to calibrate the color of an image where there isn't any good white reference. The second one is a technique to enhance the H-alpha emission in nebulae where we want to preserve the hue representation.
Speaker: Vicent Peris
Narrowband Image Processing
This workshop discusses narrowband image processing using the clipping layer mask method in Photoshop starting with master narrowband frames. It covers the Hubble Color Palette using H-a, O-III and S-II narrowband filters as well as natural color using just H-a and O-III filters. Sharpening techniques, star repair and blending in the natural color of stars using RGB data will be discussed.
Speaker: Don Goldman
The workshop agenda will be updated regularely and is subject to errors and changes.