Workshops @ cedic '13
Worskshops (Workshop language is English!)
Time Lapses of the Night Sky
Reality is not static. Our deep sky images are wonderful, deep, but fail to show motion. By imaging wide fields and including terrestrial elements, the night sky can be shown in motion with rising or setting constellations, the Milky Way and so on. Panning or dolly systems can even enhance the video. In this presentation the following main topics will be covered: imaging (lenses, cameras, settings, accessories, dolly,...), processing (raw conversion, preprocessing, video preparation, final editing) and sharing (youtube, vimeo).
Speaker: Lorenzo Comolli
Theli - A Standard Workflow
The workshop gives a short overview about Theli and shows it's power and advantages. The main part of the workshop shows how to reduce a standard LRGB data set in Theli to get a final Tiff Image. The Lecture is adressed to beginners as well as more advanced users of Theli. The listeners are welcome to interrupt and ask questions about the main workflow. At the end some special features will be shown as well.
Speaker: Frank Sackenheim
PixInsight 1.8 - Latest Core Team and Community Developments
This workshop will review the latest developments included in PixInsight 1.8 and new tools available to the user (like the Layers, FlexibleCurves or Drizzle processes). Special emphasis will be also given to the community development, showing the use of some relevant scripts and tools designed by the users:
- BatchPreProcessing script for automated pre-processing of image sets.
- SubframeSelector script for image quality monitoring and selection.
- ImagePlateSolve and Annotate scripts for finding the astrometric solution of an image and annotate its objects.
- Photometry script for automated aperture photometry of an image set.
Speaker: Vicent Peris
The Star Removal Method in Tone Mapping
Jukka's workshop will give a deep look into the star removal method, used in tone mapping:
- Practical examples for removing stars, processing them and restore all of the removed data by byte to byte accuracy.
- Controlling star colors, visibility and size.
- Usage of the Difference Map as a tool for processing astroimages.
- Subtracting processed image from unprocessed one to produce an image containing all the differenece between two images = Difference Map.
Speaker: Jukka-Pekka Metsävainio
Secrets of Nightscapes: Natural Colors of Night Sky
Starting Earth and sky photography is fast and easy, using off the shelf digital SLR cameras. But for those who aim for serious landscape astrophotos there are challenges too: being out for starry adventures in bizarre locations, planning to be in the right place at the right time, and learning practical astronomy and understanding the natural look and color of the night sky. Nightscape images of the Milky Way in nearly all colors of spectrum are published nowadays while few shows natural looking pale-yellow Milky Way. If we consider night sky as part of our surrounding nature it should be treated the same way in photography. Altering the natural colors and look of nature is considered some level of fakery in landscape photography, unless its applied in creative art medium where documentation of nature is not considered.
Speaker: Babak A. Tafreshi
The workshop agenda will be updated regularely and is subject to errors and changes.