CEDIC Team goes Chile 2015 - Upside Down

After our first and very productive astrophotography trip to Chile in February 2014 (CEDIC Team goes Chile 2014), we decided to make a second trip to the Hacienda Los Andes in October 2015.

This time the CEDIC team consisted of Christoph Kaltseis, Bernhard Hubl, Markus Blauensteiner and Justin Kabaus. Unfortunately El Niño was active during the stay and so the weather conditions were not comparable with our excellent first trip to Chile. Actually only 9 nights were eligible for astrophotography. Nevertheless, it was another impressive journey and we could capture quite a number of fine images and timelapses.

The following equipment (provided by Daniel Verschatse) was used:

  • TEC RC 20" incl. FLI PL16803 on AP1600GTO
  • RCOS RC 14.5" incl. FLI PL16070 on AP1200GTO
  • Astro-Physics Traveler 7" (piggy-back on RCOS RC 14.5")
  • Astro-Physics RHA 305mm incl. FLI PL29050 on AP1200GTO
  • Astro-Physics Mach1GTO

Additionally to this list of setups we brought DSLRs and CCD-cameras including a number of telephoto lenses and wide-angle lenses.

Christoph Kaltseis did a lot of equipment testing and beside the Nikon D810A he could use an impressive new prototype of the upcoming FLI ML16200 CCD Camera (more information at: FLI ML16200 preview)

So once again we operated a lot of cameras during the nights. Planning and coordinating this huge number of different setups within our team was a true challenge, which could only be mastered by using the planning tool of the CCD-Guide software (www.ccdguide.com).

Despite of the not optimal weather conditions we could capture enough raw data to fill 8 presentation-parts which will be shown here on the website in an 6 to 7 weeks intervall. We hope you will like our images and enjoy this virtual journey to the southern skies.

Green Desert


FLI ML16200 prototype