II-1: Autumn Sky

Since our first trip to La Palma in July 2017 was suffering from Calima (a hot, sand laden wind that blows in from the Northern Sahara), the CEDIC team, consisting of Christoph Kaltseis, Bernhard Hubl and Markus Blauensteiner followed the friendly invitation of Kai von Schauroth to visit the ATHOS Star Campus for a second time.

The second trip was undertaken during the new moon phase in November 2017 to capture the objects of the winter sky at comfortable ambient temperatures. During the day and in the evening the sky was often cloudy, but in the night the sky almost always cleared up and therefore we could gather raw data for more than 40 images within our one-week stay.

In our first presentation we want to share a small collection of our results of the autumn sky.

M 31 @ 200mm

NGC 253 - Pentax 125 SDP

M 31 - Baader APO 95/560 CaF2


M 77 - Pentax 125 SDP

NGC 1499 @ 200mm

IC 1613 - Astro-Physics 175mm