Spotlight Team

The Central European Deepsky Imaging Conference was introduced in 2009 by the three Austrian hobby-astrophotographers Christoph Kaltseis, Herbert Raab and Wolfgang Leitner. It was the first astronomical imaging conference throughout Europe and their personal contribution to the International Year of Astrony 2009. Information and communication across local borders was and still is the main focus of this event.

Since 2009 the CEDIC was held every two years and the Cedic Spotlight Team always managed it to get an internationally well known astrophotographer as keyspeaker. Therefore the CEDIC reaches people from up to 20 nations around the globe.
Breaking local borders and getting in contact with astrophotographers from all over the world was also one of the reasons, why the CEDIC Spotlight Team followed the friendly invitation of Daniel Verschatse to his Hacienda Los Andes (www.haciendalosandes.com) a new astrofarm under the great Chilean Skies. So four of us (unfortunately Herbert Raab was not able to participate) visited the Hacienda Los Andes in the new moon phase around March 1st, 2014. During a time span of nearly three weeks we operated up to 10 cameras in parallel each night. We hope to finish image processing till CEDIC'15, because we want to share the beauty of Chilean Skies with all of you during the Conference Opening Event!

Chile 2014: Startrails (stack of 999 images) © Wolfgang Leitner
The Conference opening of CEDIC'15 will take place on March 6th, 2015 - 19:30 at the Ars Electronica Center in Linz / Austria. As in the years before the opening event will be public and everyone is invited to join a unique, never seen multimedia presentation at the Deep Space of the Ars Electronica Center.
We are already looking forward to meet our friends from all over the world to have a lot of interesting conversations, discussions and also a lot of fun ;-)
Yours Cedic Spotlight Team & Christoph Kaltseis