Spotlight Team
The CEDIC Spotlight Team

Christoph Kaltseis

Christoph is a professional photographer from Austria. He is the "father" of the CEDIC and the conference host.

Tasks: Head of Conference, Partners & Sponsors


Herbert Raab

Herbert is a dedicated astronomer, head of the "Linzer Astronomische Gemeinschaft (LAG)", author of Astrometrica - a interactive software tool for scientific grade astrometric data reduction of CCD images.

Tasks: Press and Publics


Wolfgang Leitner

Wolfgang is a professional IT-Consultant and hobby-astrophotographer from Austria. He mainly works with an ASA Astrograph and CCD and DSLR cameras.

Tasks: Administration, Logistics, Webmaster


Bernhard Hubl

joined the Cedic Spotlight Team in 2010 and we appreciate his encouragement very much, because Bernhard is an international accredited astrophotographer.

Tasks: Communications, Speaker Support & Mentoring


Herbert Walter

joined the Cedic Spotlight Team in 2014. Herbert is a hobby-astrophotographer and one of the PixInsight specialists here in Austria.

Tasks: Communications & Marketing