#5: Near South Pole

Near South Pole is the topic of Part #5 of our image presentation, where we want to share the results from our astrophotography-trip to DeepSkySafaris in Namibia.

With this part of our series we leave the plane of the Milky Way and move further south, towards the southern celestial pole. But still the Milky Way has an influence, we look into areas which are strongly characterized by dust. Many of these dark nebulae are listed in the Sandqvist catalog. Among the better known objects are the quartet Sandqvist 141, 143, 145 and 146, which together form the Dark Doodard Nebula. NGC 4755, also known as the Jewel Box, is located a short distance north of the Coal Sack Nebula - one of the best known dark nebulae in the sky.During our round trip through Namibia we also had the opportunity to photograph the moonlit landscape at the Waterberg - this resulted in Startrails and a time lapse. 

NGC 4372 Esprit 100

NGC 4372 wide field Vixen FL55SS

NGC 4755 Esprit 100

NGC 4755 wide field Vixen FL55SS

Sandqvist 141 Baader APO

Sandqvist 142 Baader APO

Sandqvist 156 Baader APO

Startrails Waterberg Nikon Z6

Time Lapse Waterberg Nikon Z6